Narcotics and Drugs

There are many drug offenses under both California and Federal law. The primary offenses include drug possession, drug sales and/or trafficking, and drug manufacture.  These offenses cover all types of controlled substances including marijuana, LSD, cocaine, "crack", methamphetamine, ecstasy, “mushrooms,” etc.

The punishments for these crimes vary greatly, but can include significant prison sentences and property forfeiture actions by the State. Most drug cases involve search and seizure issues as well as confidential informants. Often times, law enforcement performs search and seizure in violation of the constitution and this can result in the reduction of charges and/or dismissal of the case. The Law Offices of Benjamin Zicherman has extensive experience with these issues and knows how to create an effective defense.

If you, a family member or friend has been charged with any drug offense early representation is the key to a successful defense. At the Law Offices of Benjamin Zicherman, I have the experience, resources and sophistication to defend your rights. Contact meimmediately for your free consultation.