Probation and Parole Violations

While on parole or probation, any infraction of any law, or disobedience to any terms of the probation or parole, can result in a violation.

Under these circumstances the court on its own, or at the behest of the probation department or the District Attorney may issue a warrant for arrest, petition to revoke parole or probation, order a probationer immediately back to jail, or impose of the full punishment for the underlying conviction, as well as a new charge regarding the basis for the violation.

If probation or parole is to be revoked, the probationer is entitled to a full evidentiary hearing regarding the alleged violation. At this hearing, a defendant is allowed to present evidence and argue a full defense. Representation by a skilled attorney is essential to avoid imposition of increased penalties or incarceration.

If you, a family member or friend has been charged with a parole or probation violation, immediate representation is the key to a successful defense. At the Law Offices of Benjamin Zicherman, I have the experience, resources and sophistication to defend your rights. Contact me immediately for your free consultation.