"Like most people once you get in the system it likes to keep you there, I had a series of mishaps and bad luck my way and the lawyer I had before was over helping me and I was at risk of losing my license for another six months which would have been devastating, and although Ben told me that DMV hearings are tough he worked his tail off to explain why I shouldn't have to lose my license and we won! Ben is worth every single penny to have this man on your side.  Thank you Ben"    -Carlos A.


"Ben is an exceptional lawyer!  He is professional yet personable. He is always available and responsive. He handles everything! His attention to detail and knowledge of the law allows you to focus on normalizing your life during an extremely unfortunate situation such as a first time DUI. I am so thankful  I had him on my side.You will not regret retaining his services!"         -A.M.H


"Benjamin is one of the best lawyer in Bay Area. You don't have to look for any other lawyer. He is the one. He worked very hard on your case. The result came out very successful. Hire him."     Tina H.


"Ben is an excellent and professional lawyer, I recommend him a 100% he is worth it, if you hire him, you are not going to be disappointed,  from  the first time I met him I knew that he was an excellent lawyer, very fair, every time I called him he always respond all my questions with positive answers,  thank you Ben!"    -Xenia M.


"Ben was recommended and it was the best decision I made.  I live out of state and had a very short period of time to hire an attorney.  I called him on a Sunday and he met with me a few hours later. He talked me through the entire process in a way I could understand (not legalese).  He is extremely knowledgeable and well versed on CA law.  He updated me during my proceedings.  I highly recommend Ben!"                 -Michael B


"Ben helped me with a matter that needed a lot of TLC.  He was kind, thoughtful, and walked me through the process.  There are thousands of attorneys out there, but there is always one attorney who stands out.  Ben was that type of attorney for me.  He was very reasonable, and very fair.  I would use him for all my criminal matters, but I am hoping I never have to be put in that situation again.  He is def recommended.  Great job Ben!"    -Matt S.


"Ben holds the utmost respect in my book. He was recommended to me by a friend and I couldn't be more pleased. He is extremely professional, attentive and always told me the honest truth about possible outcomes of my case. I will recommend his services to anyone in an instant.  A big thank you goes out to him for all that he has done for me."  -Erika P.


"Ill try to make this short but it'll be hard, I have so many wonderful things to say. Ben was my angel and helped me when no one else would. Ben will always protect you and have your back in all circumstances.He's a real hero. He saves lives, literally if me and my boyfriend never met him my boyfriend wouldn't have much of a life. 

While watching a warriors game at the Oracle arena in Oakland my boyfriend had  too much to drink and was put in the drunk tank. The police officer called me to see if could come pick him up but since I was in concord  the cop didn't feel like waiting for me and took him to Alameda county jail for the night. My boyfriend talked to me, told me he was ok, the cop was nice said I could pick him up in the morning, No a big deal right? Well when i didn't get a phone call & went to Oakland the next morning to see what was going on.. Come to find out my boyfriend is being charged with 2 counts of assault against a police officer. WHAT?!  So i waited for visiting hours to see him and see what was going on....let me tell you when i saw my boyfriend he was black and blue.  5 officers tazzed him and beat him to the ground while he was drunk and asleep in the drunk tank. My boy friend is 150 lbs, under  no circumstances would it take 5 officers to take him down.Apparently when officers went to wake him up he didn't wan to wake up, and they didn't like that. And of course they have no cameras in the room they beat him in, convenient. 

Devastated and scared I called my boyfriends family.There wasn't much they could do from South Carolina so i had to find him help. My  boyfriend was in maximum security in Alameda county jail for 5 days before his court date. Monday morning comes and they are not going to release him.He has very serious charges against him and I have no idea what to do. I stand outside of the Oakland courthouse and asked lawyer after lawyer if they could give me any advice on what to do. No one would help me. Feeling like my world was falling apart around me and my boyfriend was going to be in jail forever I asked one more lawyer if he would give me any advice... That lawyer was Ben Zicherman. 

Ben without question  responded "yes, walk with me and talk i gotta drop off these documents"...i explained what was going on and not only did he give me advice on what to tell my public defender ( that I didn't have yet) he also gave me resources for bail bonds and wrote down his cell in case I had any other questions... sound to good to be true? well it gets better, after thinking about it for 5 seconds I decided we needed to hire him. 4 hours after I hired him Ben had all the police reports, spoke to my boyfriend in jail already and was at his hearing and got the Judge to let him out without having to pay bail.  When his court date finally came Ben was amazing. Ben owned that court room. All the other cases before his did not go well and no one was let off easy... Ben  was able to work hi magic and get the officers to drop the charges.  Having 2 counts of assault  against an officer never looks good on a resume and my boyfriend pretty much could have kissed having a good job good bye if those weren't dropped. Ben really did save his life. 

I could go into even more detail and could seriously go on and on about how amazing Ben is.He was there for us every step of the way. I could always reach him, he always returned phone calls. He honestly one of the best human beings I've ever met. If you need some one to have your back and defend you.. HIRE THIS MAN!"    -Megan R.


"Ben was recommended by a friend, and I will definitely be recommending him myself!  This was my first time needing an attorneys services, and was not sure what to expect because of all the negative stories I had heard form friends dealing with attorney before. He was very professional and I felt like I was in good hands with him. Always answered my calls and texts, or returned them right away. I never felt like he was giving me the runaround. His confidence always put me at ease.  Would I recommend him, Yes! Would I use his services again, Yes!"  -Adelina M.


"This is my first time of needing an attorneys services, When I met Ben Zicherman for the first time, we had talked about my case, Ben is easy going and willing to help you fight your case in every which way,with no pressure at all. I highly recommend Ben Zicherman to help you with your case. He is a excellent lawyer, a good friend to talk too. I appreciate the work that Ben does for me. If I ever need a lawyer, I know who to call and that is Ben Zicherman to the rescue. Thanks you Ben!!"    -Randy F.


"Benjamin was recommended to me by a friend that I trust and hiring him was the best choice I could have made in a very stressful and confusing situation. Not only is he extremely professional, but very friendly and genuine and treats you like a real person. From the minute we talked about my DUI case he knew exactly what to do and was honest about all my possible outcomes. He was on top of everything and updated me with important info. I literally didn't have to worry about anything to the point where sometimes I would forget that the situation existed. In the end he won my case and charged me a super fair amount. He's great at what he does. but honestly, if i didn't win the case I still would be glad that i picked him. A really great lawyer and a wonderful guy."     -Risa P.


"Ben is absolutely the best lawyer to work with. Forget the stereotype of lawyers, Ben is friendly, very attentive, actually returns your calls promptly and answers every question with in depth knowledge. I would recommend him for anyone in need of his services. You can't go wrong with this guy."    -Eric K.


"Benjamin Zicherman is a great attorney! While that sounds cliche and is often uttered loosely, I have had the opportunity of working with him and can justify that designation. First, he is conscious of meeting his client's goals. Second, he is objective but creative in using the law to meet those goals. Third, and most importantly, he is FEARLESS in advocating his client's interests. I have worked with Ben on criminal cases primarily for these reasons and reiterate that he is in fact a great lawyer."    -Oakland O.