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The Law Offices of Benjamin Zicherman


Kasey K.

The review from Kenny C. on 12/9/18 matches my experience exactly. I had never been in trouble before and Ben was the first lawyer I ever needed to hire. He was realistic, non-judgmental, and took me from a bleak place to a hopeful place very quickly. The process unfolded in exactly the way he prepared me for. He kept me well informed and was available to me throughout. He handled all the ugly stuff so I could get on with my life. I will always be very grateful for what he did for me.

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R G.

Ben was amazing. He worked with me and was real and very knowledgeable. I searched for a while for someone and everyone made me feel small and not important. Ben was kind and answered all questions and left me feeling I made the best decision.

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Kenny C.

I would highly recommend Ben Zicherman as an Attorney at law. Due to my case, I will not get into any details, but Ben gave me the outcome that I was looking for. More importantly, when I was looking for an Attorney and doing my research, Ben was extremely transparent and educated me on my options and NEVER once over-promising on what he could offer. While I got some other quotes that were slightly cheaper, I ended up going with Ben because of my confidence that he would give me the best defense, and when I told him about the other prices I received, he knocked a small amount off his retainer that made everyone happy.

Something else thats really important here, Ben knows all the VIP's in the Alameda Court system and gave me a complete run-down of what could happen. Can't say enough for how easy Ben made this entire process, and the confidence he gave me to focus on my job, while he took care of everything legal related.

Thanks Ben, and I hope to never need you again, but if I do, I'll contact you right away.

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Hani A.

used him for one of my cases in San Mateo County last year he did a fantastic job got me the best deal possible I know this review is a little bit too late from my behalf but I remembered him today after going through a background check for a life-changing opportunity thank you Ben

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Joshua R.

My brother worked with Mr. Zicherman and his case was smooth, streamlined, and his charges got reduced. He was always accessible and available and generous with his time and answered questions thoroughly.

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Jett D.

Mr. Zicherman is by far the best lawyer i could have possibly attained. This simple fact is coming from someone who has had experience with other lawyers in the past. Mr Zicherman handled my case the way someone close to you would, with confidence, intuition and the desire to succede. Ive had lawyers in the past who i had zero contact with, never discussed the case with, who just collected a check. Mr Zicherman is NOT that lawyer. He did everything he could for me, stayed in contact with me and was always a phone call away. I cannot give this man enough stars. Do yourself a favor.

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Catherine C.

Although I didn't end up using services (out of my price range) this guy gave me great advice over the phone and I feel like that was really kind and helpful. He was prompt, confident and very knowledgeable on the charges I was potentially looking at. He was quick to make an consultation with me, kept in contact via cell and was upfront about rates which I liked. If I ever encounter a situation again this will be the 1st phone call I make. Great 1st impression!

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Ignacio C.

Highly recommend!He is amazing,,no matter what time it is or if we text or call,he always is there for you,when you call him is not like other lawyers!waiting on hold,getting a receptionist,to answer you call and tell you the lawyer will give you a call back later!Its the actual Lawyer talking to you,He helped me decrease my case,I'm just happy with Ben and his work!
I would highly recommend Ben and I would give him a 5start!

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Nam N.

Ben took care of a legal matter I had, did everything and got me the deal I wanted. His fee was definitely lower than most places I called, and I didn't even have to make a court appearance. Ben handled everything, Thanks again.

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Jay G.

Finally I can relax!
Ben got the result that my previous lawyer was telling me is IMPOSSIBLE to get and its mainly because of his hard work and focus on the case. He was always there and replied to email/phone promptly. A TRUE attorney that fights for his client.

Good luck everyone.

Previous Testimonial (12/20/2016):

Trust me - Ben is the best lawyer you can get.

I've worked with other lawyers in Oakland area and Ben is by far more professional and caring (I fired my attorney and hired Ben, She (my old attorney) was horrible! ). What surprised me is that Ben actually puts time working on your case when other attorneys just take your money and their 1st priority is doing business. But, Ben cares about my situation. You will definitely feel he is on your side trying to get the best result possible. To summarize why I'd pick Ben over any other attorney in the area:

1. Ben is always there : he listens and is always accessible via phone/email. It's normal to be under stress when you're dealing with such cases and a good lawyer helps a lot when a bad lawyer makes it MUCH worse.
2. He cares: Ben works on your case for real and puts time in it. His priority is not just making money like many other lawyers.
3. On-Time and professional : He was always sharp on-time in court when my old attorney was always like 1 hour late because she handled multiple cases at same time, while Ben was 100% focused on my case.
4. Good lawyer: Ben consulted with other attorneys on my case since it was complicated (immigration issues) to make sure we get the best result from all aspects.

Good luck and Hope you get a fair result.

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Sherr A.

I would highly recommend Ben as your lawyer. I got into some trouble a couple months back, granted I'm not the type to get into any type of trouble what so ever. So I was pretty clueless to the entire system. Ben, made the entire process as smooth as possible. I was a senior in college and the last thing I needed on my mind was all the legal mumbo jumbo. Ben took care of everything. He pushed for the best results and he walked me step by step through the entire process. He was very genuine, professional and most importantly had my back through it all. If you ever get into any trouble he's the guy to talk to. Thanks again Ben.

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Jonathan S.

Ben Zicherman is true to his word in that he makes a case as straight forward as possible. He represented me in a recent case and was a true asset as he was by my side through it's entirety. He provided realistic and honest feedback on each aspect of the case and described in depth each scenario I faced. I greatly appreciated his willingness to answer any and all questions. Ben did a great job with following up throughout the case and quickly responding to any calls. Although he admitted my case looked a bit grim, he continued to work to get the best outcome possible for me. As a person never in trouble in the past, I was truly worried. He attacked all angles and did all possible to present a reasonable case to reach our goal. Due to his expertise, contacts, and communication we were able to get an outcome that even exceeded what we realistically expected.

I am truly in debt to Ben after the service and help he provided me with. You can absolutely trust that he will exhaust all possibilities for your case, open for discussion, and has a "tell it how it is" approach while speaking with you. I highly recommend Ben Zicherman and his abilities as a reliable attorney.

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Edgar T.

Ben Zicherman is definitely an attorney I would recommend to everyone. I found him through contacting several attorneys who had too many cases at hand, he saw me right away and began to make progress with what was going on. He was even able to get the detectives who were harassing my family and I to turn myself in to cease. Something that other lawyers i spoke with didnt even bother doing. Many of the attorneys I spoke with prior advised me to turn myself in being a Friday, Ben completely advised against it for good reasons. If you go in Friday you may have to stay the weekend in holding or jail (either sucks) for the weekend and still be held 48hrs more. So after that little advice and small consultation, I knew right away I was fortunate to have met Ben.

For facing the two serious charges I was, he gave me what he saw as an achievable outcome. It wasn't a ridiculous answer, definitely a lot better than a guilty verdict. It was no joke what I was facing, and having never been accused of anything let alone faced any criminal charges before. I'll be dead honest and say I was scared. But having met Ben was the best thing that could have happened to me, his confidence and knowledge on the subject of my case definitely gave me comfort in a time of great fear.

He had a vision of a final verdict on my case. What he told me was his aim from the beginning, were his results at the end. He is definitely a man with honesty and I hold the upmost respect for Ben Zicherman for helping me through what seemed to be a very dark and unknown experience. I could definitely see that he knows his practice extraordinary well and is also respected among the community he works in.

I've always heard mixed emotions and feeling when it comes to finding a lawyer. Stories about people taking off with their money to even just screwing them over and over charging. Ben was nowhere near that stereotype, he is definitely a man with great integrity and is very respectful as well as fair when it comes to his services. I was not disappointed at all with his services, and God forbid I ever need lawyer again. But if I do ever find myself in need of one, I can tell you now. Do not look any further than Ben Zicherman, his services far exceeded my expectations. I felt as if he underpromised but was able to overdeliver, I know if I find myself in any type of criminal pinch I will call Ben again.

Overall, hands down he is the best choice out there for you, he listened with good intent and open mindedness. He was friendly, had a good sense a humor and has extensive knowledge in law. To sum everything up, my experience with Ben was nothing short of amazing and was worth every dollar. Do not look any further!!

And Ben, thank you is nowhere near good enough for the help and service you provided me!

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Tony c.

I was charged with a dui over a year ago. I talked to a few lawyers before choosing Ben to represent me. This was the best decision I could have made! After a year of dmv and court hearings, the dmv found me guilty and suspended my license for a year. At this point I thought it was a wrap.. 18 months of dui school, breathalyzer in my car and thousands of more dollars.. But Ben thought we still had a good chance to get the dui charge completely thrown out and wiped off my record through the courts. He was right!! He convinced the judge, she over ruled dmv, and with in two weeks dmv mailed me my drivers license. I feel like any other lawyer would have given up or not gone the extra mile. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my case. Ben is an excellent lawyer and very good at what he does. I now know a lawyer I have 100% confidence in and recommend him to friends and family. 5 plus stars!

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Manny T.

****PLEASE READ**** to anyone in need of a more than capable defense attorney! Ben Zicherman is the man! I've had first-hand experience with Mr. Zicherman and I am very happy with how Ben worked my case. Ben is confident and understands how to approach each case in a manner to achieve the best results for his clients. Ben is consistent in communicating and directing his customers so there's no shockers. He's great at keeping everyone's efforts together and keeps the mood light. Anyhow, please consider Ben-you'll be happy you did!!!!

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Colin E.

If you're searching Yelp reviews of DUI attorneys you, like me, are probably a first-timer. Do yourself a favor and stop right here, because you've found the best there is.

When I first came to Ben and explained the details of my DUI, we shared a belief that mine was going to be a very tough case to challenge for a variety of reasons. Considering the obstacles we faced, we discussed what kind of outcome might be considered an overwhelming (and unlikely) victory. I'm happy to say that because Ben homed in on a very small and unusual detail, we managed to reach that goal in our case. My DUI was pled down to a wet/reckless charge.

For a very reasonable, industry standard, flat fee Ben put in many, many, many hours of work on my case. I mean this man burned the midnight oil trying to take this as far as he possibly could. He clearly cares about his clients and about getting results.

As another Yelper mentioned, an added benefit to having an attorney like Ben is that you can rest at ease and let him handle everything, including all appearances (and there can be several, since he pushes to get the best terms).

This is my first and, I am confident, the last DUI I will ever be dumb enough to get. However, if ever I have the misfortune to need any sort of legal representation again I will not hesitate to contact Ben and I would strongly urge anyone else to do the same.

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Randy F.

This is my first time of needing an attorneys services, When I met Ben Zicherman for the first time, we had talked about my case, Ben is easy going and willing to help you fight your case in every which way,with no pressure at all. I highly recommend Ben Zicherman to help you with your case. He is a excellent lawyer, a good friend to talk too. I appreciate the work that Ben does for me. If I ever need a lawyer, I know who to call and that is Ben Zicherman to the rescue. Thanks you Ben!!

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Carlos A.

Like most people once you get in the system it likes to keep you there, I had a series of mishaps and bad luck my way and the lawyer I had before was over helping me and I was at risk of losing my license for another six months which would have been devastating, and although Ben told me that DMV hearings are tough he worked his tail off to explain why I shouldn't have to lose my license and we won! Ben is worth every single penny to have this man on your side.
Thank you Ben

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Oakland O.

Benjamin Zicherman is a great attorney! While that sounds cliche and is often uttered loosely, I have had the opportunity of working with him and can justify that designation. First, he is conscious of meeting his client's goals. Second, he is objective but creative in using the law to meet those goals. Third, and most importantly, he is FEARLESS in advocating his client's interests. I have worked with Ben on criminal cases primarily for these reasons and reiterate that he is in fact a great lawyer.

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